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Moving Equipment

Clear Packing Tape
$3.00 per roll
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Fluro Fragile Tape
Currently out of stock
Box Cutters
$5.00 Each
Tape Dispenser
$15.00 each
Packing Boxes
Medium: $4
Large: $7
Heavy Duty Packing Boxes
From $7.00
Bubble Wrap
Currently out of stock
Queen Mattress Covers
$20.00 Each
Single Mattress Covers
$15.00 Each
Single Chair Covers x2
$15.00 per pair
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Moving? Spring cleaning? Just want to get rid of some stuff? Come in and see us at Albany truck and car hire for packing boxes, tape, box cutters and just about anything else you might need to get started.

Packing Tape – $3.00 per roll

Box Cutters – $5.00

Tape Dispenser – $15.00

Packing Boxes;

Book & Wine -  $4

Tea Chest  -      $7

Queen Matress Covers – $20.00

Single Mattress Covers – $15.00

Single Chair Covers x2 – $15.00

Single Chair Covers x2

$15.00 per pair